Hello & Welcome!

Thank you for looking at my work, I guess if you have got this far you must love my documentary, relaxed style of work and so before we get to know each other properly,

I'd like to tell you a little about myself!

Made in Wales, I live with my partner Nick, we have a lovely home alongside the River Severn in beautiful Mid Wales close to the English border, which we share with our boxer dog Delilah.

This is my fourth year documenting weddings, prior to that my passion for shooting anything down the lens started when I was 12 when my Dad bought me my first (film) camera!

I even had the joy of developing and printing my own work from film and one day will return to it, I still have a film SLR! 

When I am not shooting weddings & families, I head for the mountains with my camera, (I love a landscape), there is nothing more exhilarating than scrambling to the top and taking in the scenery! Its also a fab way to workout shooting full day weddings I need to be fit! 

I love travelling, UK or abroad, I am an explorer! 

I dislike shopping, I’d rather be out in the countryside, however I do manage to spend a small fortune on Emma Bridgewater Pottery, a collector you could say!

Oh, and I have a thing about handbags. 

Some more about me….

I enjoy listening to music, and all my life I have been trying to learn the guitar! 

I love spending time catching up with friends & family, if it involves food even better! 

Mine’s a G&T please! xx