Tracey Williams Photography 2019


I live with my partner Nick who is without a doubt my bestie and my rock, he has supported me and guided me in my photography to where I am today, he is my geek constantly researching and advising me on new equipment! We have a lovely home alongside the River Severn in beautiful Mid Wales close to the English border.


We share our home with two crazy boxer dogs, well a couple of bitches to be exact! Willow and Delilah. Mother and daughter although Delilah is definitely the boss over her mum. We adore them they are the best breed ever!!! I must admit I do have a huge soft spot for French Bullies too…


Some more about me…. I love a good steak and fresh home cooked Indian food, ooh and homemade pizza, extra chillies for me!! I love my holidays abroad and, in the UK,, I love taking my camera with me to capture all the best bits and all the new places I get to discover!! There is nothing better than being sat out at night star gazing, hot tub optional, good conversation and cold white wine or my all-time fav drink is a G&T, I am into all the speciality ones, ice with a slice! When I have time, I love watching Peaky Blinders, Taboo and Versailles; and whilst editing I am a bit of a NetFlix addict!


Ready for more? I love music, my all-time ‘nuts about’ band when I was younger was Queen, so pleased to say I saw them in concert twice, second to Queen I love the Stereophonics, Florence and the Machine, and most rock bands like AC/DC, Kings of Leon etc.


I of course love spending time with friends and family, and we seem to do this more in the summer and when I am not shooting a wedding and it is BBQ weather, we get everyone round and have a good old scoff and a booze up!!

 I am a big fan of Emma Bridgewater I love it & cant stop buying it, I need a bigger kitchen just to store it all - ooh and squirrels did I mention them, yep love them too!! They're just too cute!!

So, if you share some of my common interests and you think I could be the photographer for you, please do get in touch. xx


I specialise in Natural Light Photography and I am a Documentary Photographer. 

All this means is that I love to tell a story, your story, as it happens; no staged photos with ‘cheesy’ smiles. I love photographing couples, weddings and families indoors or outdoors and through the lens watch your story unfold resulting in beautiful naturally captured moments you get to treasure forever!


Equipment wise, well I have always been a Canon girl, and shoot on a 5D Mk IV and a 6D, primes




I absolutely love what I do, it is such a privilege when you choose me. I get to spend time with all you lovely people creating memories for you to treasure. 

I'm very approachable and want you to walk away from your session, feeling like you've met up with an old friend for a coffee (cup of tea for me :-), and we just happened to take photos at the same time!  So, if you like what you are reading, have a look around my site and contact me for a very informal chat to discuss your shoot.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer then head over to my wedding page for more information, just click on the link - weddings.