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Nothing Fancy Just Love | A Welsh Elopement

Why choose an elopement wedding?

I say well why the hell not!!

Some couples don't want the hassle of spending months and months planning a traditional wedding, and just want to tie the knot as quickly as they can in their favourite location, could be your own back garden or at the foot (or top) of an epic mountain or even on a remote beach.

Low key or all out epic again, your choice! There is no dress code and no real rules! Go all out and find that truly stunning dress, break the rules and wear with your walking boots. Be prepared to hike through some bogs, perch high up on the mountain tops or even take the plunge in the sea… all points worth considering when spending on your clothing. Don’t forget your flowers to suit the mood, go completely mad here with a wonderfully wild bouquet of bridal flowers.

Let’s celebrate, how you do it; it’s up to you - your wedding, your way!! Just the two of you all romantic in the style of a proper elopement or with a few family and friends. Choose a quiet restaurant for later or all out party with everyone…. Some couples choose the quiet option with a separate celebration on a different date.

An elopement wedding isn’t for everyone and it can be as simple or as detailed as you want it to be.

Don’t forget do your research, maybe your chosen location is already licensed for wedding ceremonies, if it isn’t, then be aware in Wales you do need to take care of the legal side of your union first at a registry office or a registered venue, and then for your actual elopement ceremony you will need a Humanist Celebrant, expect to pay around £600-700.00 depending on the location etc. Check out this useful website for further information

If you are considering an elopement wedding and want to document your day in the wilds of anywhere in the UK, please get in touch I would love to help!

Photography by Tracey Williams Photography

Shot on location in Snowdonia National Park, Wales, UK

Real Life Couple: Sophie Carson and Nathan Swannick

Flowers supplied by Serendipity Flowers

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