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An unexpected question

Never work with animals or children they say… well I broke the mould by first working with animals. They were fine - never argued, never gave their opinion or answered back! They don’t always play ball for the camera either but I could cope with that!

Then the big question was asked… would I be the photographer at my friend’s wedding?

The most important day of their lives when smiles would be aplenty and handed the amazing Shropshire countryside to work with. I said yes! The bride did too fortunately! That was the start of my new direction as a wedding photographer based in Mid Wales but starting my journey in Shropshire.

Bishops Castle Town Hall was the venue for the ceremony and Wistanstow Village Hall was the reception venue. Both were beautiful - but I do believe any venue is beautiful in the eyes of the bride and groom and their guests on a wedding day but I must admit this was extra special.

Ffion and Nathan’s wedding was a dream come true for them and for me. And you know what happens next… yes that’s right when others saw me in action on the day and saw the finished result (the photos!) other people asked if I could do their wedding too.

Despite my love for animal photography - mainly people’s much loved pets - I must admit wedding photography is now right up there with the best of the best. And an increasing number of couples are allowing me to combine the two - yes that’s right pets are becoming a popular part of the wedding celebration too.

Much loved vehicles are also making an appearance - in Ffion and Nathan’s case it was Nathan’s beloved “Laura the Leyland” who ever so nearly stole the show. The proud groom had been working on “Laura” to ensure she was as ready for the big day as he was - a tractor run through the village with guests offered a ride on his beloved tractor and trailer was thrown in the post-ceremony schedule..

The photography opportunities just kept coming… a fully choreographed first dance by the bride and groom and plenty of happy guests which I could snap as they enjoyed the moments throughout the day.

So it looks like 2018 will be a busy year of photography for me - the diary already boasts baby showers; engagements; christenings (the parents are too busy holding the baby and then delegate the photography to a relative and it all goes wrong - you can’t capture those special moments again!); save-the-dates; pre-wedding shoots; new born shoots; special anniversaries where every member of the family is in the same place for the first time in years and of course those milestone birthdays.

I’ve even heard photography during the birth of babies is becoming popular but I’m not sure I’m quite ready for that yet!

So it looks like 2018 will be one long party - if you see me I’ll be the one behind the lens.

Give me a nudge and introduce yourself and let’s talk about your special occasion you can’t afford for the camera to miss.

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